Services We Provide

Foster/Proctor Care

Various Needs

Proctor families are ready to provide care to those in state custody. They have received 32 hours of pre-service training and are provided monthly training to ensure quality of care, using evidence base practice.

Our Proctor families are also supported by our trackers who also receive specialized training

Transition to Adult/ Independent Living

Our transition to adult/independent living program focuses on various skills needed for individuals to become independent using our 10 tier program.

Tracking Services

Professional Supporters

Our Trackers provide support to those who are in proctor/ foster care, transition to adult/ independent living and even some of those in outpatient care. They have received specialized training on how to respond to various needs.

Out Patient Therapy

In home Services Available

In a very nurturing environment, we provide individual, family and couples therapy. Our clinicians have many years of experience in providing treatment to address various issues and disorders.

We specialize in treating mood, anxiety, and addictions. Some of the treatment modalities used are Cognitive Behavioral Therapy, Dialectical Behavioral Therapy, EMDR etc.

Steps To Become A Foster/Proctor Parent

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We believe that it is our calling in life to provide outstanding service to others especially those that need help.  We are always looking for the best families to make a great change in the lives of many struggling youth in today's society.  Let's work together to make our world a better place.


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