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Becoming a Foster/Proctor Parent

If you are interested, feel free to contact us regarding becoming a foster parent.

Step 1

Consultation with a Director for Redwood Therapy and Youth Services (RTYS)

Step 2

Clear a Criminal Background Screening, complete application and submit appropriate paperwork.

Step 3

Complete 32 hours of Pre-Service training (provided by RTYS)

Basic Requirements
  • Must be 21 years of age or older
  • Must be mentally and physically able to provide care
  • Must pass a background screening
  • May not have more than two children under the age of 2 in the home
  • Must have adequate living space
  • Must have safe transportation and adequate vehicle insurance
  • Must provide supervision at all times
  • Must agree to and follow all RTYS and DHS rules and regulations
  • CPR/First Aid certified
  • Auto insurance with 100/300 coverage 
  • Medical report (verifying you are in general good health)
  • Verification of source of income (proctor care cannot be your only source of income)
Physical Aspects of the Home
  • Must maintain a clean and sanitary living environment
  • Smoke Detectors that work, batteries replaced, on each floor of your home
  • Fire Escape Plan in visible area (refrigerator)
  • Fire Extinguishers, minimum of 2A1OBC five-point, rated multi-purpose, dry chemical
  • Banisters on open staircases
  • Railings around decks or porches off ground level
  • Furnace/water heater safety; no storage within four (4) feet with adequate ventilation
  • No. of bedrooms, minimum of 80-sq. ft. provided for a single occupant bedroom and a minimum of 60-sq. ft. per child in a multiple occupant bedroom excluding storage
  • Each foster child has a separate bed, plus storage space
  • A working window in each bedroom
  • First Aid Kit in home and auto
  • Medication: Locked box or cabinet
  • Hazardous chemicals: Locked storage
  • Firearms: Locked (dismantled if possible, ammunition stored separately
  • Posted emergency numbers in kitchen (refrigerator)and in automobile as well
  • Auto seat belts, adequate number for family size
Frequently Asked Questions
  1. What does it mean to be a proctor/foster provider?

By becoming a provider you will be given the opportunity to make a difference in the life of a child. You will either provide or create access to all the physical, mental and emotional needs as if they were your own children. You will be given support and guidance through the RTYS program.

  1. How long do placements last?

The length of a placement varies greatly. However, they generally last between 6-12 months.

  1. Do I get to choose who gets placed in my home?

Yes. RTYS will inform you of a childs background and discuss with you if this child would be a good fit in your home. We want both the child and the family to feel comfortable with each placement.

  1. Why are the youth in custody?

These kids have been removed from their homes for various reasons and placed in the custody of Department of Children and Family Services (DCFS) or Department of Juvenile Justice Services (DJJS).

  1. What type of support does RTYS offer to providers?

We are here to help and support you. Providers are required to have 32 hours of free training prior to receiving a child, this training will teach you professional parenting skills as well as RTYS procedure. Additionally, we are available to help with any questions and/or problems you may encounter. RTYS also provides group sessions with a Clinical Therapist for providers to discuss issues and offer support.

  1. What compensation is given for providing care for a proctor/foster child?

Compensation is given monthly at a rate of about $22- $28/day you are caring for the child. This will generally add up to about $820/month; however, this amount will increase based on performance and experience. The students medical, dental, and school with be covered at no cost to you.

  1. Is the child given an allowance for spending money?

Yes. Money for clothing, personal needs and spending will be separate from a provider’s compensation. The amount and how it is distributed will be determined on the progress of the child.

We believe that it is our calling in life to provide outstanding service to others especially those that need help.  We are always looking for the best families to make a great change in the lives of many struggling youth in today's society.  Let's work together to make our world a better place.


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