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We are so excited that a local newspaper, The Crossroads Journal, ran a front page story on Redwood Therapy and Youth Services. This newspaper is delivered twice a month to the residents of Saratoga Springs and Eagle Mountain, in an effort to connect the two neighboring cities. We are currently scheduling initial consultations, and training families.

We are hoping to raise awareness about the need for great foster families, and feel that these areas are great locations for potential foster families. We want interested families to understand that we are local, that we are committed to great communication, and have a resource to find more information about fostercare. 

They also helped us announce that we will be working closely with Eagle Mountain City's Pony Express Days. The theme this year is: "Fostering the Community with Love" and focusing on foster families and children. We have been invited to participate with booths at several of the events, parade entries, and a seminar following Pony Express Days

We are thrilled with the exposure about the need for foster families, and of course for Redwood Therapy and Youth Services. Just as the article states, we are not just looking for foster families, we are looking for GREAT foster families. If you are interested in more information you can e-mail or visit

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